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      AAM's a human-focused management company upheld by Christian values to provide healthy competitive opportunities that will train artists to their greatest potential with a strong focus on creativity and inward refinement.

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      “Dreams are only made reality when there’s a vision for them”.


      AAM strives to produce engaging content to inspire and enable the younger generations to develop an outward mindset, positive attitude, and to live life beyond the boundaries of society. Our goal is to produce models who embody the best of human nature, like humble royalty.


      Through AAM’s detailed management system, it is our mission to find, train, and empower new emerging Pop and Hip-Hop artists who are thought leaders to define the way forward so that everyone can find their place and envision a future of harmony.


      Excellent resources will be provided to our trainees through specialized programs designed to promote the best overall wellbeing by targeting character and career development, mental, and emotional health.


      AAM aims to combine Southwestern and Korean cultures for a transforming and defining tomorrow.



      Looking for artists with an AAM vision.




        Esbeth Heredia | INFJ

        Finance, Management, Marketing, & PR Management

        • Founded AAM in 2021

        • Former Junior Executive of First Track Entertainment

        • 3 years worth of experience in the Music & Entertainment Industry

        • Trained PR

        • Responsible for strategy & Music Production




        Daily Guidance Resources

        Dance, Vocal training, and beauty care resources

        Chance to create contents

        Healthy Diet Plan Resources

        Fitness to care for body & Healthy diet plan

        Online career guidance

        Dedicated manager for talent

        Manager will help scheduling and care the talent



        AAM is transparent with company goals and projected finances for the public.

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        To partner with us or become a sponsor, contact AAM at info@amethystartistmgmt.com for a lasting partnership.


        You are a perfect fit if your vision aligns with our mission.


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